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Hey Hey! This here is a game i've been working on for a little more than a year. Its started out as a first person shooter, but have changed quite a while since then. So now its has this, some might say, unconventinal control style. But hey, if you have a Vive or a 360 Oculus setup, give it a try!

Note; I haven't tried it on oculus myself, so i cant say for sure if it works.

There were a lot of features i wanted to add to this, but right now it only has the very basic play components. You start in a randomly generated maze and you need to find your way to the boss and.. murdulate it. So, no weapon pickups or other powerups. There are health pickups though :) The dream would be to put all kinds of weird enemies and weapons and stores and keys and levels and bosses in there. But now, i really need to know if anyone besides me and a handfull of friends think this is fun?

So if you play this, please leave me some feedback and if you think this could work as a fully featured game, that you might even want to pay some money for?

Good? good!


Install instructions

Just extract the zip and press play on tape! Should instantly transfer your mind into the world of puppet blasting. No guarantees given that you will ever want to come back. But remember, your body can not live without a mind! That last statement there has no impact on the game whatsoever, its just kind of a known fact i guess?


PuppetBlasterVR.zip 39 MB

Development log


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Quite unique  VR expirience. Works well with WMR